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I collect contemporary handmade marbles by various glass artists.  Below are some examples of some of my marbles:

                                               How Marbles Are Made

         Steve Davis Lobed Core     Jay Lantz Inside Out Cane Marble       Joe St. Claire Fox Sulphide


                 This marble is 1-17/32".                        This marble is 1 1/16".                           This marble is 2-1/8".

      Steve Davis Lobed Core Adventurine Side.JPG (129703 bytes)     Jay Lantz Inside Out Cane 1.JPG (97405 bytes)     Fox Sulphide--Joe St. Claire.JPG (211362 bytes)

            STEVE DAVIS AIR ENTRAPPED          Banded Celtic Knot By Ferguson      Chinese Painted Interior

           This marble is 1 1/2".             This marble is 1 3/16".              This marble is 2 1/4".

     STEVE DAVIS RED WHITE BLUE AIR ENTRAPPED.JPG (100017 bytes)     Banded Celtic Knot By Ferguson.JPG (64060 bytes)     Chinese Painted Interior.jpg (212085 bytes)

      Jody Fine Large Latticino     Jody Fine Medium Latticino                 Neon Vortex By                  


         This marble is 1 5/8".           This marble is 1 1/8".                  This marble is 1 3/16".

    Jody Fine Large Latticino.jpg (114380 bytes)     Jody Fine Medium Latticino.jpg (70902 bytes)          Neon Vortex By Ferguson 1.jpg (101517 bytes)

          24kt Golden Series              Steve Davis Lobed Liberty           Steve Davis Peacock

                By Ferguson

       This marble is 1 1/8".              This marble is 1 1/2".               This marble is 1 1/2".

   24kt Golden Series By Feguson.jpg (63220 bytes)     Steve Davis Lobed Liberty.jpg (81800 bytes)     Steve Davis Peacock.jpg (98606 bytes)    

      Sam Hogue Snakeskin                   Sam Hogue Slag                Kelly Schmidt Switch Back

      This marble is 1 13/16".            This marble is 1 1/2".               This marble is 1 1/4".

   Sam Hogue Snakeskin.jpg (130341 bytes)     Sam Hogue Slag.jpg (86954 bytes)     Kelly Schmidt Switch Back.JPG (71321 bytes)

     Violet Vision By Ferguson        Shooting Star By Kenin             Steve Davis End-Of-Day         

        This marble is 1 1/8"              This marble is 2 1/4"               This marble is 1 7/16"

   Violet Vision By Ferguson.jpg (36568 bytes).    Kenin Shooting Star.JPG (120726 bytes)        Steve Davis End-of-day.JPG (40081 bytes)

        Gibson Glass Marble        Sam Hogue Cobalt Blue Swirl      Eddie Seese Quadrupal Lutz

      This marble is 2 13/16"            This marble is 1 1/2"                This marble is 1 1/2"

   Gibson Glass 1.JPG (119059 bytes)     SAM HOGUE COBALT BLUE SWIRL.JPG (77946 bytes)        Eddie Seese Quadrupal Lutz.jpg (114692 bytes)

     Mike Edmond Mushroom      Etched Lead Crystal Globe       

       This marble is 1 1/16"           This marble is 2 1/4"

  100_0642.JPG (99691 bytes)    100_1153.jpg (345621 bytes)